16th Century Cottage Renovation in Cerne Abbas


This project was a real challenge carried out over a number of months. We undertook the carpentry and a number of general building packages in the renovation of this 16th century cottage working alongside English Heritage holding the historical value of this property. Being an old oak framed building the carpentry work undertaken here covered a majority of the renovation.

Due to the removal of a structurally unsound internal wall we had to rebuild a new one using new timber.

At the start of the renovation we had to lose the old rotten floor boards and replace with nice new ones. We overboarded all of the new floor boards with ply to give extra strength.

One room was particularly difficult as the existing joists were sagging and out of level meaning that we had to add new joists and floor boards in order to give the plumber a nice flat level base to fit his bathroom in. It also posed a problem with its old out of square, out of level walls. We added studwork to create a square level shower enclosure and concealed cisterne toilet.

Certain jobs on this project had to be completed in such a way that English Heritage would accept the fact that we have replaced old listed artifacts in a like for like manner with new ones. This panelling around an archway was bespoke made by one of our very talented carpenters using specialised router bits to recreate the existing mould.

A new bespoke made kiteturn staircase fitted into one of the properties.

The original roof rafters had to remain in place (unless they were structurally unsafe) but we had to remove the existing ridge and replace with new to get our new rafters in. We had to replace the existing valley with new which was over a foot out of line with the roof!!! We also had to form a new box gutter/gulley to be finished with leadwork. We had to add new purlins over the existing and bolt them together to strengthen what was already there.

The original water pump was wrecked but was rebuilt to its old self using new materials and a lot of guess work.

There was also a timber framed bin store that we built from scratch with no plans to suit (as best as possible) the surrounding property. We built ledge and braced doors and cladded with shiplap which was then finished with an oak stain.



New Tiled Flooring


Making an old tatty conservatory floor into a stylish new modern one. It’s amazing what a few new tiles can do to improve the look of your home!

Bespoke Designs



Sometimes our customers ask for things that are just a little out of the ordinary. We don’t see it as a problem, in fact we love a challenge!



From start to finish here we have a sophisticated looking bathroom. We have used dark tiles against black and white brick mosaics to create a contrast that stands out.

En Suite


When it comes to extremely small en suite projects we have it covered. As you can see we have used a corner vanity sink unit and a curved corner shower and screen so as not to intrude too much. The room is finished off with Karndean flooring.

Wet Room


Here is an en suite wet room using light tiles with the light and modern bathroom suite which creates the effect of more space.

Ameysford Road, Ferndown – Replacement Staircase


This old staircase was creaky and needed refurbishing so due to the condition of the existing stairs we decided to remove and replace with new. Here a few pictures from start to finish of this half landing staircase project. We decided to use glass balustrade to illustrate more space and create a lighter appearance.

Smugglers Lane, Highcliffe – Extension


Beauty Rediscovered in Highcliffe were in need of extra space for an additional treatment room as business is growing fast so we stepped up and provided exactly what they wanted.

Fairmile Road – Kitchen/Roof Extension and Bathroom Refit


The customer on this project had an existing kitchen that was small and the space was impractical. We have built a small extension in the corner of the property and gutted the inside of the room and installed a large steel for structural integrity. This has greatly increased the size of the room internally and also improved the practicality. The old bathroom was looking dated so we ripped it out and installed a new one. As well as extending in the corner of the property we have had to bring the roof across to accommodate the new extension and gain loft space. The majority of the finished job has been done using existing materials to make it look as if it was always there.

Small Side Extension


In this project we have advised the customer to remove the rotten old side shed in order to make some space for a new small extension that replaces the footprint of the old shed but creates a much more useful internal space integrating the inside of the property.